Welfare Officer

Our Welfare Officer is available to be consulted on any issues/concerns of welfare from either swimmers, parents or coaches. You can contact the Welfare Officer directly, via the email address Tascwelfare@outlook.com. If you wish to discuss anything over the telephone please include your number in your email. Please be assured that your enquiry will be dealt with in strict confidence.

Our Welfare Team!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our Welfare Team:

Welfare Officer – Christine Lane

Anthony Kay – Chairman
Abbie Dale – Head Teacher and Welfare Support
Kelly Haywood – Head Coach and Welfare Support
Jackie Bletcher – Head of Development and Welfare Support
Amanda Tatton – Welfare Representative
Sam Carpenter – Welfare Representative
Leanne Wells – Welfare Representative
Martie Attrell – Welfare Representative

All the volunteers have experience working with young people and have a broad range of knowledge and experience relating to the realm of child protection and safeguarding across all age groups. We are exceptionally privileged to have such a specialist team who have agreed to donate their time to support our club. It is a timely opportunity to reinforce that within Telford Aqua SC our Welfare Officer, Christine Lane has the primary responsibility to receive and manage child safeguarding issues and concerns.
Should anyone have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact Christine.

Please Note:  At least one member of our Welfare team is always present at our sessions and is always available if you need any help or any issues arise for all Swimmers, parents, carers and members.

Club Safeguarding Policies

All Shropshire Clubs adhere to Wavepower, this is Swim England guidance for Safeguarding and is designed to keep all swimmers safe and address any concerns no matter how small. If you feel you need further help/support please contact our County Welfare Officer Jean Childs, Who can provide further guidance and support if needed.

Further information:
For information or how to raise a concern click here

Alternatively please contact :-

Other useful links for Child safety:

swimline childline nspcc

Online Guidance

The following links provide resources and guidance for parents/carers on online safety