Waves Skill Sessions

Whit Week Half Term  31st May – 2nd June

Tues 31.5.16 

10am – 11am   Butterfly
11am – 11.30am   Fly Starts
11.30am – 12.30    All Turns
12.30pm – 1pm    Freestyle
1pm – 2pm    Freestyle 

Wed 1.6.16 

10am – 11am   Backstroke
11am – 11.30am   Backstroke Starts
11.30am – 12.30    All Dives (12pg)
12.30pm – 1pm    Breaststroke Starts
1pm – 2pm    Breaststroke 

Thurs 2.6.16 

10am – 11am    Butterfly
11am – 12noon   Medley Turns (12pg)
12 – 1pm    Breaststroke
1pm – 2pm    All turns (12pg) 

All sessions held at:
Summerhill High School
Lodge Lane

All sessions now maximum 8 per group unless stated. New Starts sessions will look solely at the transition to stroke/breakout from dive entry point. They will be stroke specific sessions. We all see how much time can be saved on starts so we hope these new sessions will help address part of the problem.

All hour sessions £10
All half hour sessions £7.50
First come first served basis, payable in advance only, strictly no refunds.

Please contact Claire at Waves 07973 249649.