Welfare Officer & Welfare Assistants

We are currently looking for a volunteer to under take the role of Welfare Officer.

Not only is this essential, valuable and rewarding role about ensuring the safe guarding and well being of our members under the age of 18 it is also a much coveted Committee Member role.  You will have a vote and be a part of driving our club forward ensuring we continue to deliver on our aims and ethos.

We are also seeking Welfare Assistants who are willing to volunteer their time to assist the Welfare Officer if and when needed.  This may entail researching and gathering information, deputising for the WO in their abscence.  These are new roles and at this time there is no role description as I intend to work on that with you seeking your advice, input and guidance.

In terms of time commitment for the Welfare Officer, the Committee role element requires attendance at meetings the second Monday of every month and the Welfare Officer role is sporadic depending on referrals.  However, you should be available to check our Welfare Officer email every 48 hours at least to ensure we respond swiftly to any Child Protection matters should they arise.  Don’t panic there is a comprehensive folder from the ASA called Wavepower which details how to undertake the role.  It’s very detailed, trust me, I’ve been the Welfare Officer at a previous club and it was fantastic.

Please read the attached Welfare Officer role description and if you are over 18, have a background in working/volunteering with children, a clear DBS, a knowledge of safe guarding and child protection I would love to hear from you by 31st May 2015.

If you would like some more information please do not hesitate to email me or if you see me, stop me and we can have a chat.

Please remember that the more of us that volunteer the less the demands will be on the team as a whole.

Sarah Foley
Workforce Development Officer