National Talent Camp

We were fortunate enough to be selected through the ASA to attend the Youth Sport Trust National Talent Camp in late December, which involved staying at Loughborough University to come together with around 400 other talented young athletes, coaches and officials from across the country to share and develop our coaching skills.

We had to fill in an online application form which involved questions on our past coaching experiences and why we wanted to be accepted onto the camp. We had one aim at the camp and that was to improve our knowledge of coaching as a whole through all different sports and to find our own morals within coaching. Over the course of the camp we participated in a range of activities and workshops designed to stretch and challenge us to achieve our goals, whilst helping us to understand how to promote the best practices in our coaching and the swimmers we teach.

Talent Camp

One of the highlights was the Live Lab, an interactive session where we got to watch some of the top coaches and athletes in the country for Badminton demonstrate a performance training session. Being able to see the interaction between coach and athlete, plus the planning and preparation behind every session, was an incredible opportunity and it gave us both a lot of new ideas and thoughts to take away.

The camp was an amazing experience we will both never forget. The main thing we will takeaway from this experience is the workshops we participated in where we looked at us individually and what we believe in as coaches and in the long run we both know it will help us develop as coaches. Over the next 12 months we will attend more days with the ASA where we will get to work with athletes from aquatics and we will see the coaching they gain and the aspects of their competing lifestyle.

Megan Robson & Oliver Preece