Rugby Open Meet 2016 – entry deadline to club Friday 29th January

RUGBY OPEN MEET 2016 – Level 3 (3WM160313)

Event held over three days from Friday 15th – Sunday 17th April 2016

LOCATION:  The Meet will take place at The Queens Diamond Jubilee Centre, Bruce Williams Way, Rugby CV22 5LJ.  MAP
There is a large car park at the Centre and there is an adjacent recreation park with play areas. The pool is about 10 minutes from junction 1 of the M6 and junction 18 of the M1.

There are a number of issues to consider

  • Swimmers have to be within a time range.
  • Each Race is £5.50 so enter those you wish to concentrate on.
  • Club deadline for application 29th January 2016. Wewill be making a club application via an online system however you can apply up to the organisers deadline of 19/3/16
  • You can apply directly to the organisers if you wish but please contact me before you do this as the club is limited to a number of direct entries and you may actually stop the club from being able to enter if you simply go direct without speaking to us.
  • Event is held over a three day meeting so be careful which races you enter – consider the time you wish to spend at the gala.
  • Those with REGIONAL times are NOT allowed to enter that stroke event.


7 Page Event Package

– including competition information, application form for applying directly, programme of events, time range (swimmers must be within the upper/lower times to enter), an officials letter, club entry form ( not to be used)


Application Process ( before our deadline)

  • competition application closes 19 March but it is a very popular gala so we would like to get our entry in asap and will be making the clubs entry at the end of January.(29th)
  • Complete the application form and email to us at the CLUB on
  • Make cheques/ online payments at the time of entry only. Online payments need to be clearly marked with the ref “Rugby-Swimmers” name to help us manage reconciliations.
  • Please use the application form included in the above package but send it to US not the organiser (unless discussed)
  • If you would like to volunteer as an official can you make yourself known to myself and Sarah Foley ….


There should be enough information for you to consider your applications but as ever if you need any support please do contact us


Gala Administrator,TASC