Personal Belongings – Sessions and Galas

Dear Swimmers and Parents,

This notice is a reminder that The Club advocates that swimmers should bring their belongings (clothing and valuables) onto poolside or use the lockers provided in the changing rooms.

Since the changing rooms are used by the general public and other swimming clubs we are not able to police or monitor what occurs in the changing rooms.

Throughout the year there are incidences of property being taken and clothing/belongings being thrown about etc. While the Club endeavours to try and install/encourage good behaviour from its members and has the member’s welfare as a priority, it is not responsible for activities that occur in the changing rooms.

If you come across any problems in the use of the changing rooms then please contact the relevant staff at the facility. The Club is also here to assist if possible, should our advice have been taken and you still come across problems.

Feel free to contact the Club Secretary ( should you have any concerns.

Nigel Heales, Club Secretary on behalf of the Committee.