Quick Guide to Choreography

This very quick guide may help you create a solo for Club Champs that is both fun and an expression of YOU!


  • 1min minimum to 2 mins maximum
  • You are allowed a maximum of 10seconds on the deck before you dive/jump in; but you can start in the water. No dangerous entries please – cartwheels and hand springs will not be allowed as the deck is too wet for these to be done safely.


Music choice is vital.

Your choice of music MUST be something that you can easily count the beat to. We always count in 8s but the tempo can be altered.

The music should also:

  • Be something that you would dance along to…does it get your toes tapping?
  • Be something that you feel you can interpret – is there a theme or a mood you could use in your choreography
  • Be a style that suits your age and personality
  • Be appropriate for a competition – listen carefully for any inappropriate lyrics

If you cut / edit music, it should sound slick and professional. I normally used a free download called Goldwave Editor – others will do a similar job.



Listen for cues in the music, a change in music tempo should be reflected in the choreography. Try and ‘feel’ the music! As I previous mentioned, the choreography comes more easily if there is a theme of your solo. Research other synchro routines or dance routines on YouTube for inspiration. Use your strengths, show off the figures you can execute well.


The difficulty of the moves you do, that can be a complex leg sequence, a difficult move, double arm eggbeater or a face paced routine that has something interesting happening all the time. Technical merit is also based on the execution of the routine including extension of body, legs, knees, feet throughout the routine. Judges look at how high eggbeater is, how controlled the movements are, the height of any verticals or barracuda thrusts are.


For Artistic marks, your routine is scored on how well the choreography suits the music choice, your interpretation of the music, the originality of your moves as well as your presentation and flair. In a solo (unlike in teams and duets) moves can be more fluid and swishy! Try and think about using your whole body; in eggbeater, think about what your body, head, eyes, arms, hands and fingers are doing!!


Think about a pool plan, where are your moves going to lead you? Have you faced every direction and faced all of the judges? You should avoid staying on the spot, always keep travelling in eggbeater, swimming strokes and even when under-water.

Avoid going backwards down the path you’ve just taken; try a diagonal route.

Please bring your solo music on a CD to sessions to work on your performance. We can offer advice but you will need to choreograph the routine.

Have fun with it!