PB Buster 2016

Please apply now, closing date is 29th July 2016

Entry Form
Max/Min Qualifying Times

For the qualifying times you must not have a faster time than is indicated. For Ages 9 Years and higher (age on 27th November 2017).

Swimmers in Stages lower than 8, after reviewing the times and if still of interest to you then please check with Lynne (tascheadcoach@outlook.com) to confirm suitability to enter.

The event in Wolverhampton, is on Saturday and Sunday 26th / 27th November BUT it is ALREADY half full so we must have your entry in by FRIDAY 29th July. We will then attempt to get your entry accepted.

Lynne will double check entries and add PB times where necessary. If you have questions on entry times then contact her on tascheadcoach@outlook.com