Nuneaton League 2016 Round 1

Coach Report – Team A – Round One 9th April 2016

I would like to congratulate the swimmers for the efforts and the overall result of last night’s gala. I know it was a little scary for some who had not competed in this sort of gala before. The swimmers performed really well. one of my measures are the number of new personal best times. Last night there were 16 personal best times (from the Club Championship times and those swimmer’s names are on the second page.). Some swimmers competed in events that we do not have previous recorded times and I think there would have been even more improved times. It was a very good team effort and swimmers responded to the tips they received as the gala went on. We came 5th overall with 154 points with four first places: Jessica Welson for her butterfly 9 year old boys in their front crawl relay Will Timmins for his fly 12 year old boys in their front crawl relay I would also note some very good swims for second place: Callum Wilson for his breastroke Josh French for his backstroke Millie Wells for her butterfly – with a particularly lovely dive and streamline Sam Tatton for his butterfly – just pipped in the last few strokes Josh French for his front crawl Lilia Harris for her backstroke – very close and Lilia seemed to smile as she swam. Great to see. I would also particularly thank Jessica Welson, Ayla Morris, Lillia Harris, Rosie and Ava Kind, Millie Wells and Will Timmins who swam up in higher age groups so that we could have a quartet for the relays. I hope the swimmers enjoyed the gala and work hard over the next month so we can see even greater personal achievement and swims in the next round.

Regards Michael


Personal Bests achieved since Club Champs

Ayla Morris
Freya Davies
Katie Appleby
Jon King
Freddie Freeston
Callum Wilson
Will Timmins
Josh French
Sophie Tatton (on two occasions)
Dan Williams
Lilia Harris
Sam Price-Tattersall
Millie Wells
Kloe Till
Jessica Cox