Notice of Summer Closures 2017

The Committee wish to advise that there will be a reduced teaching/coaching programme over the summer holidays.

Please refer to the link here.

For non-synchro – In summary our last normal sessions will run on Friday 28th July and commence again on Friday 1st September. Special sessions will be held in between these dates. Please refer to the letter for details.

For Synchro sessions – In summary sessions will run as normal through July and August except for 4 dates. In addition there will be a Taster Session in August. Please refer to the letter for details.

Please do not stop or alter your standing orders. Payment for August is still required. Your monthly fee calculations have been determined by accommodating the summer closures and spreading the yearly cost over 12 monthly payments to avoid the need to cancel and re-start payments and to make the monthly charge lower.

If you are planning to go away over the summer we wish you safe travels and fun times ahead.

The Committee.