Coventry 50M Open Meet- Michael’s Report

I  would again like to thank all the 13 swimmers for their efforts in the city of Coventry meet on 24th September.

They had the challenge of swimming in a 50m pool – some for the first time – and no rest for a turn half way down. Aaron Wilson, Holly Wilkie, Jessica Welson, Millie Wells, Gwen Rogers, Hannah Ross, Zach Morris, Mia Harrison, Jack Finn, Jessica Cox, Faith Cooper, Shannon Carter, Jessica Blackhouse

I saw some excellent determined swimming and was able to give some impromptu coaching in the swim -down pool. The real value was the experience of swimming in a 50 m pool which os so different to where we usually swim.

I counted 14 PBs in total from the 44 swims, mainly in the morning session. Aaron, Holly, Jessica W, Millie, Hannah, Millie Wells, Hannah, Zach, Mia, Jack Finn, Jessica C, Faith, Shannon, Jessica B all achieved at least one PB, This was excellent given that the swimmers were in a 50m pool as were not used to swimming in an olympic length pool and really tiring in the last 10m.

  • Aaron was 1st in his back, 2nd in his fly and 3rd in his FC;
  • Jack was 3rd in his FC;
  • Jessica Wilson was 4th in her breast;
  • Zach was 5th in his breast
  • Aaron and Jessica Wilson qualified for the 200 IM.
  • Aaron achieved third place with excellent swimming

Michael Benenett