Club Fees 2015

After many hours of assessing session attendances and our planned expenditure for 2015 the committee has identified that the projected income for next year will not cover the projected expenditure, which means that we have had to increase monthly session fees as per the table below, this is absolutely necessary as I’m sure you will all understand the club cannot run at a loss.

We have tried to keep all planned rises as small as possible and wherever they produce difficulties please do come and speak to us , we will always try to find a way to support any of our swimmers.

Charges are per month and are to be taken over 12 equal months so there will be no need to cancel or  restart your payments once set up. The session fees now take into consideration session closures for national holidays, school holiday break closures and for the summer break. Overall costs have been evened out across a 12 month period. In addition for 2015 sessions that may be run over the summer period will not be subjected to an additional charge. 

The payments need to be set up asap as the first payment is due 1st of January 2015, payment  needs to be made in advance of the sessions.

Stages 1-7

First child £13, siblings £10

Stages 8-10, Squad, Masters and Synchro;

1 session per week £16 siblings £13
2 sessions per week £24 siblings £19
3 sessions per week £32 siblings £26
4 sessions per week £40 siblings £32
5 sessions per week £48 siblings £38
6 sessions per week £56 siblings £45

In January there is also the Annual Membership fee due payable and the committee have agreed the fairest way to approach the fee is to have one fee of £40 which is payable by all members, ( any Siblings pay £30) . If you have more than one swimmer and would like to spread the cost of the ANNUAL Membership please do contact us to discuss an alternative plan.

 Example…Billy is Squad 1 and swims twice a week, with his brother Johnny in stage 5 swimming once  week. Their sister Sally swims with the Synchro team 1 night a week and she attends one swimming session with Billy.

Annual Membership  ( 1x £40 and 2x £30 ) = £100

Monthly Fees  – Billy (£24 – 2 sessions) , Johnny £10  (1 session at sibling rate), Sally £19  ( 2 sessions at sibling rate) = £53 per month

We will be happy to discuss your individual positions if you contact us and hope that the changes will not deter from your swimmers enjoyment of swimming with the club.

Further Announcements are to be sent out this week regarding timetables and session places so please make sure you check all your folders for our emails and contact us asap should there be any issues

TASC Committee
Telford Aqua SC

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