Club Championships 2015

As promised please find attached the official times recorded for all swimmers during 2015 Club Championships.

Times for Championships
The attachment has a number of things id like to try and explain ( before anyone shouts at me !) …you will see there are a number of entries you will see with either DNF / DQ recorded, this will be that your swimmer was either Disqualified by the judges for the event ( and an explanation will be made available to you for training and discussing with the teachers) or your swimmer did not attend / swim the event.

It was my first time using the new system and I have learnt many new skills that I can apply to the next event that will make this process much more quicker and efficient…..if I told you I have had to input the times and manually readjust and score / rank EVERY entry you may understand why this has taken so long to produce….that and we wanted to make sure it was right !

I will also need to re-key all the PB data into the new system ( another new learn for me for next time) so please do keep these handy for the next few events you enter !

Stephen Harrison Club & Gala Administrator
Telford Aqua SC